David Clark H10-13X Headset



The David Clark H10-13X headset has advanced Electronic Noise Cancelling (ENC) technology that assures an amazingly quiet flight. When ENC is active, noise cancellation improves by 12-17 dB.

David Clark H10-13X Headset Features :

  • QUIET PERFORMANCE You’ll hear and feel the difference immediately. When the ENC is turned ON,noise cancellation actually improves by an additional 12-17dB. That’s better protection than any other headset available today.
  • OUTSTANDING COMFORT The H10-13X is lightweight at just 17oz. With advanced comfort features . Super soft gel ear seals with new exclusive velvet fleece surface, combined with reduced headband pressure and a soft foam-filled pillow headpad create a comfort level never before experienced in a noise attenuating headset
  • SUPERIOR COMMUNICATION INTELLIGIBILITY The ENC system and our exclusive M-7A noise cancelling electret microphone provide unsurpassed performance and clear, crisp transmission and reception. Stereo compatible for use with stereo intercom and cabin entertainment systems.


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